Therapeutic Exercise

Through therapeutic exercise we aim at the physical exercise with a view to improving deficits and the general physical condition of the patient. It is applicable at the early, intermediate and final stages of the rehabilitation, depending on the disease and the clinical picture of the patient.
It is applicable to diseases such as strokes, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, muscle injuries, osteoporosis and arthritis. The above are included in a wide variety of diseases (neurological, orthopedic and rheumatologic) to which therapeutic exercise is applied.
The personalized program applicable is carried out under the supervision and direction of our personal trainers, upon the assessment and the guidelines given by the physiatrist in cooperation with the physical therapist.
The means that are available to us for the application of each therapeutic exercise program are as follows:
▪ Exercise mats
▪ Medicine balls
▪ Bosu
▪ Trampoline
▪ Elastic bands
▪ Active/Passive exercise bikes
▪ Treadmills
Moreover, our center has the following therapeutic means and methods that are provided by specialized therapists:
Clinical Pilates
Biodex Gait Analysis