Sport Injuries

The scientific team of the specialized department of sports injuries, which consists of the doctors of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, the Scientific Director, physical therapists, hydrotherapists and personal trainers, aims at the direct return of the athlete to the pitch.
The therapeutic techniques used are as follows:
▪ Isokinetic dynamometer
▪ INDIBA pro Activ: It is about a radio-wave technology combined with kinesiotherapy which contributes to direct and quicker rehabilitation of sports injuries as well as to the warm-up before the sport activity and the proper cool-down. It is an option of famous athletes and football teams.
▪ Shock wave therapy
▪ Laser therapy
▪ Game Ready: Combined cryotherapy and compression
▪ Electrotherapy: Combination of all currents
▪ Athletic taping/Kinesiotaping
▪ Manual Therapy-Mulligan
▪ Sports massage
▪ Biofeedback
▪ Therapeutic exercise
▪ Acupuncture