Virtual Reality Therapy

BTS NIRVANA is the first system allowing the complete audiovisual “immersion” of the patient in a virtual setting. With BTS NIRVANA, the movement exercise is identified with the interaction with the virtual setting. Each exercise provides an environment with audiovisual stimuli and in combination with high-quality graphics, a dramatic increase in patient’s integration and mobilization is achieved. BTS NIRVANA is really effective every time there are impairments caused by central nervous system damages, (i.e. stroke) or by chronic and progressive neurological diseases (i.e. Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis). The system, defined by its versatility, offers therapists a pre-defined set of exercises for the upper limbs, the lower limbs and the trunk.

Bioresque is a system allowing the assessment and rehabilitation of body posture. It includes a platform with pressure sensors (BioRescue) and 3D-VR glasses with a 3-axis motion sensor (BioLens). The patient will have the advantage of being re-educated via visual feedback. Βιοresque also provides the opportunity to assess the incidence of falls.