Diet – Nutrition

One of the basic elements of the rehabilitation of patients is a proper diet. The good outcome of the disease depends to a great extent on the good nutritional status of the patient. The main role of the dietician is to provide a balanced and personalized diet tailored to the needs, specificities and preferences of the patient.
Apolloneio Rehabilitation Center, during admission, assesses the patient’s ability to swallow. The dietician, in cooperation with the speech therapist, determines the type of patient’s diet so as the latter can successfully eat and drink.
Next, a nutritional assessment is carried for the determination of guidelines which aim at covering patient’s needs associated with energy and nutrients, depending on the nutritional status, and providing a proper diet based on coexisting diseases and preferences.
Our goals
▪ Achieving a diet with sufficient energy and nutrient intake.
▪ Reaching a healthy weight (treatment of underweight, overweight and obese people)
▪ Training in the principles of a balanced diet, depending on the patient’s disease
▪ During patient’s discharge, clear nutritional guidelines are provided and a regular check-up is scheduled for the assessment of the nutritional status and the monitoring of the weight.